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Sponsorships really help me dedicate time to the maintenance and support of my open source libraries. A big thanks to Clojurists Together, Nubank, lambdaschmiede, and other sponsors!

Please see here if you’d also like to help (thank you!!) 🙏


  • See news for completed work
  • See my roadmap for upcoming work (please vote to help me know what to work on next!)



Library Platform/s Description
Carmine Clj Redis client + message queue for Clojure
Encore Clj/s Core utils library for Clojure/Script
Faraday 1 Clj Amazon DynamoDB client for Clojure
http-kit 2 Clj Simple, high-performance event-driven HTTP client+server for Clojure
Nippy Clj The fastest serialization library for Clojure
Sente Clj/s Realtime web comms library for Clojure/Script
Telemere Clj/s Structured telemetry library for Clojure/Script (new)
Tempel Clj Data security framework for Clojure (new)
Tempura Clj/s Simple text localization library for Clojure/Script
Tengen Cljs Simple React component DSL for Clojure/Script
Timbre Clj/s Pure Clojure/Script logging library
Touchstone Clj Simple A/B testing library for Clojure
Tower Clj/s i18n & L10n library for Clojure/Script (EOL)
Truss Clj/s Assertions micro-library for Clojure/Script
Tufte Clj/s Simple performance monitoring library for Clojure/Script

Videos, etc.

See my YouTube channel, or below for misc talks, interviews, demos, etc.:

Date Description
2024-04-19 Demo: Introducing the Telemere structured telemetry library for Clojure/Script
2024-02-20 Talk at London Clojurians: Some Controversial Truths
2024-02-07 Demo: Introducing the Tempel data security library for Clojure
2023-10-19 Interview with Daniel Compton: discussed my open source work and other projects
2021-11-23 Live coding demo with Daniel Amber: Writing a basic rate limiter for beginners
2018-05-20 Interview on Defn podcast #36: touched on Timbre, Carmine, Redis, Sente, Truss
2016-01-12 Demo: Introducing the Truss assertions micro-library for Clojure/Script


Groksocket (research phase)

An idea I’m currently exploring for a possible service to provide dead simple, turn-key monitoring for Clojure/Script applications.

Have some early prototype ideas sketched out, next step is to identify some potential early adopters to better understand their needs and see if a business might be viable.

Please contact me if you might be interested in talking.

Mindfund (paused)

Mindfund is an idea I’ve sketched out to help provide a new ethical form of funding for open source developers and other quality content creators.

Currently paused since I hit an obstacle during research, and decided to instead first investigate the viability of Groksocket.

Quivre (2019-today: in maintenance mode)

Available at: www.quiv.re.

Quivre is a free online tool to:

  • Help couples communicate about sex, and
  • Help folks on dating apps safely measure their sexual compatibility.

Built with Clojure/Script, and makes use of an unusual architecture that keeps all user data fully encrypted for privacy. The encryption model here would eventually form the basis of Tempel.

See here for community stats.

Wusoup (2008-today: in maintenance mode)

Available at: www.wusoup.com.

Wusoup is a web chat application that uses machine learning to help keep a clean community, and to match users with similar interests.

It was the first major Clojure/Script application that I wrote, and as far as I know might be the first large Clojure web application ever written (pre-dating both Ring and Clojure v1).

Has been in maintenance mode since ~2016, but to my surprise still seems to have an audience today.

Miacup (2007-2010: closed)

Available via Wayback Machine at: www.miacup.co.za.

Miacup was a brand of menstrual cup manufactured in my home country of South Africa, and the first pigmented (purple!) silicone menstrual cup.

I sold the company in 2010, and it seems like it went out of business sometime around 2022.

Other projects


A tinkering project, Baget is an experimental game engine and Clojure DSL for authoring highly interactive fiction. It’s at the proof-of-concept stage now, next step would be to actually author a demo game to properly exercise the tool.


A very early experimental prototype of a possible open source library for rendering web UIs in ClojureScript. Originally inspired by Svelte, Tangere offers a Clojure/Script DSL that’s able to render and modify HTML in a way that’s dramatically simpler and faster than React and similar frameworks.

Intended as a possible replacement for Reagent in some of my own projects.

  1. I authored the library, but am not currently involved with maintenance.↩︎

  2. I did not author the library, but currently help with maintenance.↩︎