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Hi there, I'm Peter Taoussanis

I work with Clojure/Script, and Clojure/Script teams and startups

I've been actively building lean concept-to-production large-scale, real-world software products for more than 15 years: both for my own businesses, and for clients/partners.

Since they've been so effective for the domain, I focus exclusively on Clojure and ClojureScript these days. Have over 700k lines of production front and back end code committed in those languages since 2009 (before the release of Clojure 1.0).

I enjoy working across a wide range of product domains, and in a number of different roles (including short and long term hands-on engineering, management, and advisory/consulting roles).

Have extensive experience with early/experimental product development including: product design, technology selection, rapid full-stack prototyping, user-research & testing, and ultimately finding real product-market fit under tight resource and time constraints.

Have extensive experience fixing/adapting/pivoting struggling products, processes, or team cultures.

I enjoy working directly with founder/s, and am happy to put together, lead, manage, or work with small to medium-sized engineering teams.

I'm most easily available remotely, but enjoy travel so am also happy to consider on-site offers. Hold South African and EU passports. Currently on Berlin time, but flexible.

Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to chat. I can help us determine together whether or not I'm likely to be a good fit for your project and needs. And in the event that I'm not a good fit for whatever reason, I'm often able to recommend someone else (or some other strategy) that might help.

Cheers :-)