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Open source update

A big thanks to Clojurists Together, Nubank, lambdaschmiede, and other sponsors of my open source work!

2023 November - December

Recent work

In November I released the first public alpha of Tempel, a new data security framework for Clojure - and my first all-new Clojure library in 7 (!) years.

Its main objective - to make it practical for more Clojure applications to use encryption and cryptographic best practices to protect user data and other sensitive info.

It offers a particularly high-level API focused on common tasks including logins, symmetric & asymmetric encryption, end-to-end encryption, signing, and key management.

For lots more info (incl. beginner-oriented documentation), see the Tempel GitHub page.

Since then, I’ve been mostly concentrating on Telemere - another all-new library focused on providing an idiomatic and flexible Clojure/Script API for structured telemetry. Support is planned for OpenTelemetry and others.

Will share more info on this at release.

Upcoming work

My current roadmap includes:

2023 recap

I’m happy to say that 2023 was a really productive year for my open source work. It was the first time I’ve had support from Clojurists Together - and their backing along with my usual contributors meant that I could put more time + effort into open source than I’ve been able to do in many years.

In particular, I took the opportunity to target some larger/hairier tasks that would have otherwise been infeasible. Some of that work has already borne fruit, some of it will bear fruit in the coming year.

Some notable results this year:

  • 37 public library releases, incl. 1 all-new library and another to come soon.
  • Major improvements to my workflow for writing and maintaining documentation.
  • Updated and expanded documentation for most of my libraries (a few still TBD).
  • Several other cross-project improvements (unit tests, Graal support, cljdoc support, improved Cljs documentation, etc.).
  • Laid significant foundations for future upcoming work :-)

- Peter Taoussanis