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Open source update

A big thanks to Clojurists Together, Nubank, lambdaschmiede, and other sponsors of my open source work!

2024 Jan - Feb

Recent work

It’s been a productive start to the year! Have been focused almost entirely on open source.

Output has included:

7x library releases

This includes http-kit v2.8.0-RC1 (tons of new stuff in here!), Tempel v1.0.0-RC1, Nippy v3.4.0-RC2, and Timbre v6.5.0.

See here for the full list, and also here for a new GitHub-hosted roadmap of my major upcoming open source work.

New Tempel explainer video

I recorded a short video to explain the new/upcoming Tempel data security framework.

This hopefully helps makes it clearer where Tempel can be useful.

The ultimate goal is to try make it feasible for more Clojure devs to incorporate data security in their apps, and/or at least get more Clojure devs thinking about ways to protect their users’ data.

It can be easier than you expect, and I detail one example pattern in the video.

BTW please let me know if there’s interest in me doing more of these kinds of videos in future.

London Clojurians Talk

On 20 Feb I gave an online talk at the London Clojurians group. The talk’s now on YouTube.

Had a good time, was fun talking with folks there. A big thanks to Bruno Bonacci for organizing and hosting!

The talk was non-technical, titled:

Some controversial truths: challenging some commonly-held ideas about Clojure, software engineering, and startups; and sharing the 1 secret that will solve all your problems.

Part of the talk’s intention was to discuss some of the trade-offs that Clojure users/businesses should be aware of, but it looks like the Q&A after was unfortunately not recorded.

Please ping if there’s interest in me posting a write-up to summarize some of the key points discussed.

Interview with Daniel Compton

Had a really nice chat with Daniel Compton about my open source work and other projects. (Thanks Daniel!)

To avoid possible confusion re: discussed dates/timelines, please note that this was recorded at the end of last year (2023).

Lots of work On Telemere

Have been putting in a lot of work on the upcoming Telemere structured telemetry library for Clojure/Script.

Along with Tempel, this’ll be my first all-new Clojure library in 7+ years.

Very happy with how it’s coming along so far, and looking forward to sharing more closer to release (hopefully this April).

In some ways Telemere represents the culmination and refinement of many years of ideas from some of my other libraries - notably Timbre and Tufte.

I think the result is going to be really nice - and something possible only in Clojure.

Upcoming work

All major upcoming work is now documented live here. In addition to all the usual maintenance and support, my biggest objectives for this year are definitely Telemere and a major Carmine update.

- Peter Taoussanis