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Frequently asked questions

Are you available for hire?

Not currently, sorry about that!
I’m choosing to focus on my open source and products for now.

Can you recommend someone available for hire?

I’m not currently the best person to ask about this, sorry!

While I used to be in a good position to help with suggesting a consultant/engineer/CTO/etc. - the truth is that I haven’t been active in hiring for a while.

I’m no longer up-to-date on who’s available, their areas of expertise/interest, etc.

If you’re looking specifically for someone that works with Clojure/Script or Clojure/Script teams, my recommendation would be to ask on the Clojure Google Group, Clojure subreddit, Clojurians Slack, etc.

Why Clojure?

  • It’s often a good fit for the kinds of client-server web projects I usually build.
  • Its idiosyncratic design, tradeoffs, and heritage appeal to my particular tastes.
  • I’ve spent a lot of time with it, so find it familiar and productive.
  • I consider myself a builder, not a technologist. My tools are a means to an end and I have very little patience for tool/framework/idiom churn. I like exploring new tech as a source of ideas, but when I want to get things done - I’d much rather master one tool than dabble in many. The overall balance of Clojure’s pros & cons make it that tool for me.