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Open source update

A big thanks to Clojurists Together, Nubank, lambdaschmiede, and other sponsors of my open source work!

2023 March - April

Recent work

http-kit v2.7.0-beta2 has been released 🎉

This is the first major http-kit release since June 2022, and includes work from 15 contributors.

Improvements include:

  • Several important stability fixes
  • Client+server support for Unix Domain Sockets
  • SNI client is now enabled by default on Java 8+
  • A new wiki for community documentation

See the release notes for more info.

Upcoming work


One of my major open source goals for this year is the release of a new data security framework, currently planned for ~August.

This will be the first major all-new Clojure work I’ve put out in over 7 years, and has been my main focus so far this year.

Will share more details closer to release, but as a quick teaser: the high-level goal is to make it easy for non-experts to quickly integrate solid data encryption into a variety of types of apps.

The work is being grown from an expansion of techniques I’ve used in my own apps, and heavily optimised for ease-of-use.

More beginner-focused documentation

Another of my goals for this year (and moving forward) is to put more emphasis on documentation quality, and on providing a smoother experience for beginners.

As part of that work, I’ve started rolling out GitHub wikis for community documentation on my various projects.

I’ll be seeding these myself over time, but ultimately my hope is to make it easier and more sustainable for each project’s own community to contribute documentation and tips.

Tempel (mentioned above) will be my first release to be built from the start with this wiki-focused documentation concept in mind.


The current roadmap includes:

  • A major Sente release in ~May.
  • A major Carmine release in ~June.
  • The first Tempel release in ~August.
  • Additional Carmine work through EoY.

- Peter Taoussanis